Thursday, February 11, 2016

Passenger's dried cow pat intercepted at airport

A passenger from Malaysia declared a dried cow pat to Ministry for Primary Industries staff at Auckland Airport in New Zealand last week. The discovery has been described by the government agency as one of the most unusual interceptions of the summer.

It had been brought into New Zealand for burning at a Hindu temple at Otahuhu, said Dave Sims, MPI Auckland Airport manager. "Cowpats are made by mixing fresh cow faeces with hay.

We can't permit them to enter New Zealand as they could contain unwanted seeds, parasites or even plant or animal diseases that could harm the livelihood of farmers and growers." Cow pats have been used for centuries to light fires in India.

Mr Sims said it was rare for MPI to intercept cow pats, but they may become more common in the future. "Cows pats are now a commercial product. There's even a website selling them and some customers want gift wrapping. The great thing in this case is the passenger declared the pat. They did everything we asked to safeguard New Zealand's biosecurity."

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xoxoxoBruce said...

They sell them on ebay to Indian expats around the world.