Saturday, February 20, 2016

Police called to supermarket after fight over discounted chicken and mushroom slice

Police were called to a supermarket after a fight broke out between four shoppers over a chicken and mushroom slice that had been reduced in price. Sainsbury's customers in Torquay, Devon, watched in horror as tensions flared between the bargain-hunters all desperate to get their hands on the discounted item.. Witnesses described seeing two women fighting 'like savages' on the floor while screaming children looked on in horror. Victim Polly-Victoria Turner, 21, says she was left with a bloodied lip after the incident in the refrigerated meat aisle of The Willows branch of the supermarket.

The young mother said she was attacked after her auntie tried to pick up the chicken and mushroom slice. Police are now looking for two violent pasty-loving suspects who are described as a man with a cap and a woman with a baby. Witnesses say they initially argued between themselves before turning their fury on to Polly. One shopper described it as 'horrible to watch' with children screaming and fellow shoppers struggling to pull the attackers off Polly as she battled to protect herself on the ground. Polly, who is from Plymouth, said she was only defending herself and her ordeal only ended when other male shoppers wrestled the man off.

She said: "My auntie was leaning over getting a chicken and mushroom slice and the man told his partner to move out of the way. My auntie stood back and said 'no, it's OK, don't worry, it's fine,' Then the woman started effing and jeffing and saying 'why can't she open her own mouth?'" The man then began to insult Polly who was stood behind her auntie. He directed a bizarre insult at her to 'clean her shoes'. Polly said the pair argued before the woman grabbed her hair and pulled her to the floor. She said: "I could hear him shouting 'Have her, babe'. It felt like it went on for 20 minutes. I fought back but as people tried to break it up he was still on me yanking my hair. They were all pulling at him, but he wouldn't let go.

"My daughter was screaming. Later she told me she thought I was going to go to heaven. It breaks my heart to think how upset she was. I'm a bit worried taking my children shopping now. I think these two people need to come forward and clear things up." One witness said: "It was appalling, like savages. It was unbelievable. Two women fighting over a piece of meat that had been reduced in Sainsbury's." A police spokesman said: "A woman shopper was assaulted by a man and a woman inside the store. The victim sustained a split lip." The alleged attacker is described as having long black hair, wearing a green coat and wellies. She was pushing a pram. The man was wearing a farmer style cap, a jacket and jeans and black trainers with red bottoms. A spokesman for Sainsbury's confirmed they are currently helping police with their enquiries..

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