Thursday, February 11, 2016

Reward offered for return of terrapin who thinks he’s a dog

A terrapin who thinks he’s a dog was snatched from his home in Bromley, south east London, last month, and his owners are offering a £150 reward for his safe return. Nadia and Peter Chan’s home was burgled at about 6pm on January 22. The intruders took Mr Chan’s car, all of the house keys, mobile phones and cash – as well as Jim Jam the terrapin.

Jim Jam has been with the Chans for 20 years and roams freely around the house, only going into water in the morning and evening for his feeding time and climbing up the side of the tank when he’s ready to come out. Mrs Chan said: “I never thought in a million years that of all the things someone would take, it would be Jim Jam. I don’t know why they took him.

“It is a bit unusual to see a terrapin walking about the house. He thinks he’s a dog – he likes to be treated just like them. He was very unhappy in the tank.” Jim Jam even has his own dog’s bed next to pet staffie Pippa’s, where he sleeps under a blanket. It all started with him imitating the couple’s two chihuahuas, who he lived alongside for 16 years.

But despite Jim Jam’s reluctance to live life as a terrapin, he does have particular reptilian requirements. Mrs Chan said: “I just hope he’s being looked after – if he isn’t put in water his skin gets very dry. He’s actually a very intelligent pet. He didn’t eat for a week when our chihuahuas died. He does have feelings. Everything else can be replaced – but not our pet. He’s not worth much money but he’s valuable to us.”

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