Wednesday, February 03, 2016

RIP Fidèle, the most famous dog in Bruges

Fidèle, the best-known dog in Bruges, Belgium, is sadly deceased. 12-year-old labrador Fidèle had a permanent place along the Groenerei Bruges.

He had his own Wikipedia page and appeared in the American film 'In Bruges'. Fidèle was almost always in the window of a bed and breakfast alongside the canal, often dozing.

"We had him put to sleep," said owner Caroline Van Langeraert of bed and breakfast Cote Canal. Ms Van Langeraert added: "He had already conquered cancer, but became ill again.

YouTube link.

"Last Wednesday we had to say goodbye to him. His ashes were scattered near the clinic. We will miss him incredibly hard, because he was my faithful companion."

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear god, there's something in my eye. R.I.P beautiful dog.