Sunday, February 28, 2016

Woman who called police after getting stuck in home's chimney during alleged break-in arrested

Deputies and firefighters helped rescue a woman who became stuck in the chimney of a house in Spring, Texas, during an alleged break-in.

The woman, identified as 20-year-old Lauren Fox, has since been charged with criminal trespass, the same offence she was charged with about two weeks ago on another property. Harris County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a burglary call injust before 6am on Friday.

Officials say the stuck woman called 911 from inside the chimney after she couldn't move any further. Deputies said she had already been in the chimney for more than two hours. “She was vocal with us but she didn’t comment about how she got in there,” said Spring Fire Department District Chief Kevin Wiseman.

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Firefighters responded with special equipment and worked for a couple of hours from both inside and on top of the home to get the woman out. She was treated for minor scrapes before being placed in the back of a sheriff's car. The woman told deputies she tried to get into the home because she was cold. Deputies say the property was vacant at the time. Chief Wiseman also said in 19 years in the fire service, he's never seen a rescue like this one.

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