Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Zookeepers rescued ostrich from frozen stream

A young female ostrich at Pittsburgh Zoo is lucky to be alive after being rescued from icy waters by zoo handlers over the weekend.

Surrounded by sheets of ice, the ostrich struggled to get to safety as a group of zoo goers looked on. The zoo says the ostrich was confused on how to get back out of the ice.

Handlers began their efforts using long metal rods, attempting to clear a water pathway for the ostrich to get back to land. The first time the ostrich came close to safety, zookeepers tried to guide the large bird onto land, but inadvertently scared her.

YouTube link.

Finally, a brave handler jumped into the icy stream to guide the animal back to land so she could get out with help from the other zoo keepers. The ostrich was then dried off and given a blanket to make sure she was warm. The ostrich was not hurt during the ordeal.

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