Thursday, March 24, 2016

12-year-old girl arrested for pinching boy's bottom at school

A 12-year-old girl is facing criminal charges after she was arrested for pinching a male schoolmate on the behind. Breana Evans says that it was a joke, but she was suspended from Milwee Middle School in Longwood, Florida, and placed in the back of a squad car, taken to the juvenile justice centre and fingerprinted.

Evans said she was charged with a misdemeanor for battery. “I was by the office and we were just pinching random people, and that's it,” Breana said. Breana was suspended because the act was deemed “socially unacceptable.”

“I can see her being suspended from school. I understand that, but as far as them coming to arrest her the next day, no, that's not the American way,” Breana’s father, Ray Evans, said. Ray Evans said the arrest was “extreme” and “crazy.” Deputies said there isn’t a history between Breana and the student she pinched, but officials' hands are tied because the mother of the boy wanted to press charges, even though the boy didn’t want to.

“I don't get why it's such a big deal. I just pinched the boy's butt. I didn't like hurt him or anything,” Breana said. "All I can say for you, lady, is you need some help I think. Too overprotective," Ray Evans added. Deputies consulted with the State Attorney’s Office, and now Breana will take classes and do community service as part of a 90-day diversion program to have the charge removed from her record upon completion.

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Anonymous said...

I have traveled all over the world and hold several degrees, have been a photographer in a war zone, and really been around, and I was never more terrorized and abused than during elementary school days in the USA. I have never ever encountered such arrogant foolishness and intellectual nonsense. Much of the problem was that a school of 600 children had no male teachers at all. It was a prison run by women.

Momboleum said...

Okay, but reverse this so that the boy pinched the girl's butt and would there be this hue and cry? If the boy had been the pincher, would his father get away with saying "Get over yourself, lady, my son just pinched your daughter's butt"? Let's apply these things equally to all offenders, shall we?

Anonymous said...

I think the point that this was inappropriate behavior could have been put across with administrative punishment and much less drama.

C'mon, folks. Shall we get some perspective here?