Saturday, March 12, 2016

Allegedly intoxicated lady who crashed pick-up truck into ditch said she had meant to do so

A Florida woman who lost control of her pick-up truck and crashed into a watery ditch told police it was all part of her plan. The case began at about 5:55pm on February 23 when the officer spotted the Toyota pick-up in Sebastian.

The driver, identified as Linda Norman, 54, tried to turn left, but ended up in the ditch, which was partly full of water. She said she wasn’t hurt. “I explained that she was probably just going to have to step into the mud to get out since it (the truck) was at the bottom of the ditch,” an affidavit states.

“Linda did not listen and instead climbed onto the door and stood on the door frame where the window was open.” Norman, who jail records indicate has a tattooed breast, looked to be stuck, so the officer helped her down. “She told me that she meant to do it and she knew exactly what she was doing,” the affidavit states.

“I asked why she would intentionally drive her truck into the ditch and she said it was for attention.” Norman smelled of alcohol and said, “(Expletive) yea!” when queried about whether she’d been imbibing. Norman, of Sebastian, was arrested on a DUI charge and taken to the Indian River County Jail. Breath tests measured her blood alcohol content at 0.144 and 0.149 – greater than the 0.08 legal limit.

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