Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Beer-swilling Australian man spotted enjoying a swim with his pet snake

In what has been described as a very Australian moment, a man was spotted in a creek gently throwing his pet snake with one hand into the water and carefully nursing a VB tallie (or a longie) in the other.

The incident occurred on Sunday at Tallebudgera Creek in Queenland, a popular swimming spot for both tourists and locals. The man in the footage repeatedly threw the snake in the water and waited for the slithering reptile to swim back to him. The unfazed reptile involved is believed to be a carpet python.

At the end of the short clip the man appears to pick up his beloved pet up and hold the reptile high into the air before the pair appear to kiss. The clip was captured by aspiring rocker and Brisbane resident Indiana Bones who was down for the day at the beach with his fellow band mate Matt Itzstein.

LiveLeak link. Indiana Bones' original Instagram video.

“My Dad keeps snakes and I’ve never seen anyone at the beach with one, dancing around, kissing one,” Mr Bones said. When asked his reaction to the unusual incident he said: “I was impressed. I was flat out impressed. We thought we were rock n roll, spending the day on the beach, but this guy was drinking a beer, with his snake out in public."


Anonymous said...

It's a reptile. With a reptilian brain. Keep warm. Sleep. Eat. Reproduce. Bite anything that looks like a threat. Keep warm. Sleep. Eat. Reproduce ...

I seriously doubt the snake enjoyed any of it.


Dunex said...

Still, that was a solid "WTF just happened" moment.