Monday, March 07, 2016

Brothers both winners in same lottery

Two brothers played the Powerball in Florida and won last week.

James Stocklas and his brother, Bob, were photographed holding their giant cheques after Wednesday's draw.

James, who's a judge in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was ending his vacation in the Florida Keys when he stopped at a convenience store and bought his lucky ticket. He won $291.4 million, which he intends to share with two friends.

Opting for the lump sum payment, the three will each get about $40 million after taxes. The judge's brother Bob, also claimed Powerball winnings the same day, taking home a slightly less $7.


fred said...

He intends to share millions with two friends and his brother gets $7?! Nice to be able to count on family

Barbwire said...

I can't imagine what next Thanksgiving and Christmas will look like for them.