Monday, March 14, 2016

Catholic school apologises for basketball game chants of 'You killed Jesus' at Jewish opponents

Officials at Catholic Memorial School in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, have apologised after some students chanted anti-Semitic taunts during a basketball game against a school with a large Jewish population.

Dozens of Catholic Memorial students, which is an is an all-boys college preparatory school, attending Friday's game against Newton North High School were overheard yelling, "You killed Jesus" to Newton North fans. Catholic Memorial President Peter Folan said in a statement that the school will work diligently to end what he called "abhorrent behaviour."

Folan said the Catholic Memorial students were reprimanded and had to apologise to the Newton North principal after the game. Newton Public Schools Superintendent David Fleishman said he contacted the Anti-Defamation League, adding that Newton students would discuss the incident on Monday. Fleishman also said that administrators would also address chants of "sausage fest" that came from the Newton North cheering section.

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The Archdiocese released a statement on Saturday afternoon and called the behaviour unacceptable. "We are pleased that the administration of Catholic Memorial took corrective action immediately during and after the basketball game," the Archdiocese said. "This incident, while not representative of the school community, presents an opportunity to promote an important learning experience for the students." The Archdiocese said it will assist Catholic Memorial in providing students with awareness education to ensure this type of behaviour doesn't happen again.


Anonymous said...

I weep for the complete idiocy of some of the fellow Americans. An immigration officer told me that I might consider becoming a British citizen if Trump becomes president. This was unprompted by me. Trump is the Jerry Springer of the political world.

WilliamRocket said...

I am not one to believe such books as the bible or Harry Potter, but I do think that in the bible it was the Romans that nailed that Jesus (son of god !!! go you with your interspecies mating) to the cross.
I read a book years ago that had the Jews financing the Roman armament department, but, as I sort of implied before, I think past the first stupid thing I hear, and realise some people's interpretation of what actually happened and what really happened are as far apart as my brother and I.
He is in the Isle of Man, I am in the isles of New Zealand (which is not Dutch, by the way).

Barbwire said...

My first thought was that these kids have been twisted by watching Trump on TV.

Shak said...

It was the Romans, WilliamRocket. Typical, Catholic school doesn't know squat about the bible.