Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dehydrated elephant trapped in muddy pit drank over 20 gallons of water while awaiting rescue

An adult elephant that got stuck in a well in Kenya was freed by an entire village that came to its aid.

The elephant had spent a night trapped in a muddy pit in Kenya's Northern Rangelands Trust in Isiolo before it was found. Conservationists and locals dug tirelessly to help the 20-year-old bull elephant escape and it took three cars to finally pull the animal from the hole.

Dehydrated and tired from trying to escape, it drank 100 litres (22 gallons) of water given to it by volunteers as it waited to be rescued. Batian Craig, a representative from Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, recounted the amazing rescue in videos and pictures posted on Instagram.

Describing the elephant's trust in humans as "extraordinary," he said that it simply walked away once it was pulled out from the well. Craig said that the elephant had been spotted after it's ordeal looking in good health.

There are videos here and here.

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