Thursday, March 03, 2016

Emergency C-section performed on python after it ate a tasty little teddy bear

An emergency procedure to save the life of an 'impacted' python had to be performed after the reptile decided that a little purple teddy bear looked tasty. The rare reptile drama unfolded when snake catcher Tony Harrison, from Australia's Gold Coast, noticed the unusual and unmissable ‘bear bulge’ and rushed the not-so-killer python to the nearest veterinary clinic.

An x-ray confirmed the little bear was indeed in there and an emergency C-section was performed on the snake and teddy was removed. The snake, who has since been named Lucky is now sporting 15 stitches and will be on antibiotics for two weeks before being released. It’s the first time the vet has operated on a snake in his 16 year career.

"We try and go in there and make as little damage as possible basically, so basically she's a normal snake again," Dr Matt Hollindale said. Since the unusual operation the teddy has been through the washing machine several times and is on the way back home to his owner.

In a bid to explain why the snake ate the stuffed toy, snake catcher Harrison said: "Right now they are really obsessively hunting for food and if a dog had of been playing with this and it smelt right, it'll do.” "You'll see them eat tea towels or plastic bags. If it smells right, they'll eat it." The treating vets are confident Lucky will survive and hope next time she'll be more careful when selecting meals.

There's a news video here or here, and a photo gallery here.

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Minnesotastan said...

The original reporter seems to have confused a "C-section" (of the uterus) with a "laparotomy" of the abdomen.