Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Gardener who planted tomato seeds from his own crop surprised when they turned into chillies

A gardener from Ashburton in Devon planted tomato seeds in the hope of growing himself some salad and was then amazed when the plant started producing chillies. David Bleazley sowed seeds saved from a batch of his own 'Ox Heart' beefsteak tomatoes.

He was pretty sure how they should turn out, but when the plants started growing, he realised something was very wrong. He said: "I noticed that they were slower than the other tomato seed to germinate, and to my astonishment they all produced pepper plants, which in turn produced red chillies."

He went to seed suppliers Tuckers in Ashburton who confirmed the seeds they were shown were tomato seed and that the plant was indeed a pepper plant but they could not explain what had happened. David said: "I left with a warning that I would struggle to get people, especially experts to take me seriously." David then approached Newton Abbot nursery Plants Galore for another opinion.

He was told that there was 'no way' a tomato seed could grow into a pepper or chilli. They suggested that the seed had become mixed up at some point, either during the packing stage, in the garden by birds or after harvest when drying the seed. But David said he is '100% certain' that the seeds have not been mixed up. David said he will be planting a few more of the seeds to see what happens.


Ratz said...

I'd expect his tomato plants didn't germinate and a bird turd with pepper seeds in it did the dirty deed.

Gareth said...

There are many possibilities. One is that the tomato seeds failed, but compost had a chilli seed in it.

andiscandis said...

Anyone else think that the chili on the right looks a bit like Jesus? I think we've found our explanation, friends.

Anonymous said...

Or, someone saw him plant the tomato seed(s) (or knew about it), and replaced them with pepper plant seed(s). Pranked him.