Friday, March 04, 2016

Girl discovered that 6-month-long mystery illness was caused by safety pin lodged in her nose

For months, doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with 5-year-old Khloe Russell. Little Khloe, of Hemet, California, had a "constant, green, runny nose" that "smelled horrific" for over six months, her mother Katelyn Powell said. Powell, 25, said she took Khloe to three different doctors, an ear/nose/throat specialist and a dentist, most of whom believed she just had a sinus infection.

Khloe was prescribed different antibiotics, but none relieved her congestion, Powell said. But last weekend, the mystery illness was finally solved. When Khloe blew her nose, a 1.5-inch-long safety pin "popped out," her mother said. "I almost passed out," Powell said with a laugh. "I couldn't believe it. It was huge. I was like, 'Where did this come from!'"

Khloe also acted clueless at first, her mother said, but she later reluctantly admitted she had found a bag of safety pins six months ago and was playing around with them "to see how far up she could put the pins up her nose." "She said she was pulling it out and back in and out, and I was just like, how did I not notice her doing this?" Powell said.

The mother added that she doesn't blame any of the doctors for not catching the pin, which she thinks was likely missed because it was "high up in Khloe's nose and covered in mucus." Though Khloe's nose has been clear since the safety pin came out, Powell said she's taking her to the doctor for a follow-up to make sure everything's okay. "She's amazing now and there hasn't been any stinky discharge since, but we just want to be cautious," Powell said. "We've also since had the talk and there will be nothing going up in her nose again. Never again."

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