Monday, March 21, 2016

Man arrested after being filmed by security cameras he is accused of stealing

Police say a man accused of stealing security cameras was caught on video, which led to his arrest. Security cameras were recording as they were being ripped from the ceiling of the EZ laundromat in Louisville, Kentucky.

On March 9, a man began to check every corner of the empty laundromat. "He kind of walked back in this area here. Looked back at the door. There were a couple of cameras right over his head," Micah Reed, of EZ Wash, said.

Reed said the man was literally hanging on the cameras until they gave way. He wasn't using any tools. Reed said he left with four cameras. The last one he took near the front door was a decoy. Police said Thomas Stillwell, 35, was arrested.

YouTube link.

Reed said it's not the first time they've broken into, but they've worked to improve security. "Failure in the sense our cameras are gone. But, a success in the sense that hopefully there is some justice that comes from it," Reed added.

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