Saturday, March 12, 2016

Man dressed as speed camera to protest against civil liberties being taken away

A man dressed as a speed camera to protest against Britain becoming a totalitarian society. Going by the name of Jonny Frackoff, although this is thought to be a pseudonym, he stood on a central reservation in Farnborough, Hampshire, on Thursday while dressed in a luminous jacket and camera hat.

Mr Frackoff was inspired to take up his protest after the Security and Policing Home Office Event which was held in Farnborough International Venue & Events from Tuesday until Thursday. The event’s website described it as the UK’s only secure event for police, law enforcement and security professionals tasked with security, civil protection and national resilience.

But Mr Frackoff thinks civil liberties are being taken away in exchange for extra surveillance. He said: “I’m against this event being held and want to make people think and just make them aware their civil liberties are being taken away as part of other agendas. We’re getting more surveillance but it’s like the 1984 situation, we’re going towards a police state.

“With the snooper’s charter to top it off I can only see it getting worse. People call it ‘tiptoetalitarianism’, we’re creeping towards an unjust system that only benefits the corporations.” He added: “It’s like we forgo our civil liberties for greater security, I could get security locked up in a prison but that doesn’t mean I want to be there.”

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Anonymous said...

"... Jonny Frackoff, although this is thought to be a pseudonym"

Er, are you sure? What gave you that idea? It never occurred to me ...