Monday, March 21, 2016

Man risked life to save puppy perched on 230ft cliff above beach

A man risked his life to save a puppy which was perched on a 230ft cliff face. Kieron Le-mar jumped into action to prevent the pooch from falling to its death on the cliff above Great Western Beach in Newquay, Cornwall, on Friday afternoon.

The puppy was perched on a small ledge at the back of the Original Factory Shop building, allowing Mr Le-mar to jump down and grab it before reuniting it with its owner, who was watching on. Mr Le-mar said: "We were at the Great Western Hotel and could see a couple of guys stood on the edge of the cliff wondering what to do, so I thought I'd pop over and lend a hand, grab it and get on with my day.

"There were standing there trying to figure out how to get it, they had already called the fire brigade. The little puppy was getting more and more stressed, and I didn't think it would be long before it would try to jump up and slip. Somebody had to do something quickly. I could see a way to get it, so I did. When I was younger I used hang off the edge there doing window cleaning so the height wasn't too much of an issue.

YouTube link.

"You need a bit of confidence; if you're nervous, you're more likely to fall. We reunited it with its owner, who was one of the guys standing by the cliff, and they were obviously really pleased. I think the owner owns one of the shops along Cliff Road. My daughter was there filming my potential demise, it was at least a couple of hundred feet up, and looking back it was quite close to the edge."


Anonymous said...

My main Q is: Who builds a building right up on the edge of a cliff? That has to be nuts on any scale of common sense.


WilliamRocket said...

Imperial versus metric.
That looks more like 6 metres to me.
Is 230 foots the same as 6 metres ?

Anonymous said...

How hard is it to use a camera. Aim at the person and stop moving. Glad everything turned out okay for both man and dog.