Monday, March 14, 2016

Man told homeowner he was breaking in to save Taylor Swift who happens to be his wife

A man from Nashville, Tennesse, is behind bars for burglary after trying to force his way into a man's home because he was there to "save Taylor Swift." According to the police affidavit, 26-year-old Paul Herrin knocked on the door of a man who is also a landlord of other properties.

Thinking it was someone dropping off a rent cheque, the homeowner opened the door and found Herrin, who shoved the door open and placed his left foot inside to keep the man from closing the door on him. The homeowner instructed Herrin to leave, but Herrin continued to try and shove the door open,

He told the homeowner that he was there to "save Taylor Swift, his wife, and that he had every right to search the residence." In fear, the homeowner continued the struggle and was finally able to shut the door on Herrin and call police. That's when the homeowner heard Herrin open the back door to his home.

Police arrived at the scene and found Herrin in the backyard. Herrin told officers he was there from Knoxville to rescue his wife Taylor Swift. Herrin also said "he was told by a source he could not reveal to police too (sic) look for a house with a green light over the front door." Herring was booked for aggravated burglary and is being held on $30,000 bond.


Anonymous said...

Bipolar disorder?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, 26 yrs old? Looks near 40. Seriously meth is an terrible thing.

Qualiall said...

to be fair, mug shots are not exactly Olan Mills quality shots