Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Motorcycle drag race turned into a Flintstones extravaganza after faults with bikes

Drag racing fans in Perth, Australia, were gearing up to watch a loud, fast and spectacular motorcyle race last weekend. But it did not go to plan, turning into what could be the slowest drag race ever.

Ryan Learmonth and Maurice Allen were getting set to drag race at the West Coast Nitro 400 Thunder when they both had faults with their bikes. Allen was able to get his bike off the line, before it cut out while Learmonth struggled to get his bike to move.

While Allen was scuffling to get his bike back into gear, he looked back to see Learmonth closing the gap – running while pushing his bike. The announcers yelled out: "it is quite literally a Flintstones extravaganza" as the two competitors rewrote the definition of drag racing. Allen appeared desperate to win as he committed to the slow drag race and also started running his bike to the finish line.

Learmonth tried many options to close the gap rapidly, but Allen kept up his pace and reached the finish first. Allen curled over the railing, after handing his bike over to officials, to compose himself. And 11.5 seconds later Learmonth crossed the finishing mark, seemingly in better condition as he walked off the track. The race that is usually over in seconds took more than two minutes.

You can watch the video here.

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