Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Naked lady on top of truck caused traffic jam

A woman dancing naked on top of a big rig on Highway 290 near Houston, Texas, was taken into custody on Monday after the unusual situatiom caused the freeway to shut down in both directions. "I've never seen anything like this," said witness Darlene Kanabel.

"She was going towards the 18-wheeler then it stopped and then she started throwing her clothes at the traffic." Deputies were alerted just before 9am. When they arrived a woman was undressing and could be seen on Houston Transtar cameras dancing on top of a big rig. It is unknown why the woman climbed on the truck.

Before that incident took place, deputies say she was involved in two minor hit-and-run crashes. No one was seriously hurt. The woman was sitting, dancing and standing at various times on top of the big rig's cab. "She was talking about all sorts of things: Wall Street, the CIA, aliens," said Thomas Gilliland, Harris County Sheriff's Office public information officer.

YouTube link.

Deputies believe she was under the influence of some sort of drug or alcohol but that hasn't been tested yet. Firefighters moved a truck with an aerial tower next to the big rig to try to talk to the woman. Authorities were eventually able to handcuff her and bring help onto the aerial tower's platform to take her into custody. They then transported her to North Cypress Medical Center for evaluation. No charges have been filed yet.

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