Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Police probe multi-car bumper-to-bumper pile-up

Police are investigating if members of a high-powered car club were hooning in the lead-up to a five-car collision in the Jandakot suburb of Perth, Western Australia, on Saturday.

The pile-up began when one car ran into the back of another vehicle just before 10pm. Three other vehicles travelling closely behind them then ran up the back of each other, creating a five-car sandwich.

No one was hurt in the crash, but the force of the collision was strong enough to rip bumpers off some of the vehicles and activate airbags in others. It is believed the drivers were members of the WA Imports Club.

YouTube link.

They had gathered in a car park before setting off on a “car cruise”. Police said they had received calls about cars doing burnouts in the area before the crash. There were several other cars and spectators in the area when the crash happened. Police have not yet laid any charges, but inquiries are continuing.

There's a short follow-up news video here. You may need to unmute it.

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