Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Police responding to report of body in boot of car found Dora the Explorer

An Arkansas family travelling in Heflin, Alabama, were pulled over after police received a report about a body in the trunk of their car, but the body turned out to just be a Dora the Explorer pillow in a bag.

Heflin Police Chief A.J. Benefield said police received a report of a possible body in the trunk of a car on Monday morning. The vehicle, a black Hyundai, apparently stopped at a service station in the Birmingham area. A person at the station thought they saw a body when the car trunk was open.

A "be on the lookout" call went out to law enforcement agencies, Benefield said, describing the car, which had Arkansas licence plates and was believed heading east. Benefield said police spotted the vehicle at about 11:45am and stopped it, ordering the family out, which included a child in the back seat.

When police opened the trunk, they found a body pillow and a Dora the Explorer pillow in a garbage bag. "When we got it open, we had to admit, it did look like a body in a bag," he said. "The family was very understanding about how this could have happened. We were very relieved."

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