Thursday, March 10, 2016

School pupils launch 'free the bladder' petition after being 'banned' from using toilet

Protesting school pupils are demanding an apology from their new head teacher over a controversial ban on toilet breaks during lesson times. Just three weeks after taking the reins at Perth Grammar School, Fiona Robertson is facing an angry backlash from pupils and parents who claim youngsters’ human rights are being breached. Nearly 3,000 people have signed an online petition , calling on the school to reverse its policy and stop locking up toilets during classes.

In the petition, the youngsters claim that the toilets are not being reopened at intervals and over lunchtime. The young petitioners wrote: “The motive behind this idiocy seems sensible. (Miss Robertson) does not approve of the number of people being excused from class and fears people may ‘hide’ in bathrooms to prevent going to subjects they dislike – and fair enough, this does happen. “However, preventing us from one of our basic human rights is not the way to solve the problem.”

They also alleged that one pupil was left “emotionally scarred” after being caught short as he tried to get into a locked toilet. One parent said he had told his daughter to walk home to use the loo. But Miss Robertson said she was re-enforcing an already well-established school policy. The aim is to crack down on pupils skiving off classes. She said: “All we have done is re-emphasise what has always been school policy. The situation is that all young people have access to a toilet if they need to go to one. It's not a policy that the new head teacher is putting in place, but I have reiterated it.”

She said she will speak to pupils and parents about the issue in the coming days. “If there are any changes we need to make to this policy which has worked for the school for so long, then we will make them.” A council spokesman said: “There has been an ongoing issue with a large number of pupils asking to be excused from during class time. The head teacher has taken steps to reinforce the school’s existing policy that pupils should not be out during class time unless under exceptional circumstances. We will work with the school’s staff, pupils and parents to ensure that everyone understands the policy and how it is being implemented.”


Anonymous said...

There is a disgusting yet simple answer to this problem....when your rights are being violated, then you walk up next to the teacher and say again "I need to go to the toilet". When he or she says sit down and wait for recess, then urinate right next to the teacher. I'm sure that you will only have to do this once and they will get the picture. No one has the right to stop you from going to the toilet. Just walk out and when they physically stop you from leaving then you have them reported to the police for violence. This will sort them out good and proper. We all know kids will use the toilet as an excuse to get out of class. Maybe if the teachers weren't so damn boring and actually engaged their students, this sort of thing wouldn't be an issue.

Barbwire said...

Not so, Anon. When my youngest was in first grade, the teacher refused to let anyone go to the bathroom except during recess or lunch break. Every child in the class had at least one accident, and 100% if the parents went to the principal and complained. Nothing was done. Many parents went to the school board. The teacher also had a Do Not Disturb sign on her desk. Fortunately, she decided teaching was not for her.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes these adults forget that kids are human beings.