Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Search for owner of teeth found in snowbank

Jane Groenewegen was working at the Driftwood Diner in Hay River in the Northwest Territories, Canada, on Sunday morning when a customer came in telling her he'd noticed a set of teeth in a snowbank.

Groenewegen says she was concerned not only because someone was missing them, but because they would be expensive and timely to replace. "I gave him (the customer) a Ziploc bag and a napkin and asked if he'd go and retrieve them" she says. "Which he kindly did."

Groenewegen then snapped a photo of the teeth. As for what may have happened, she can only guess. "There were a lot of festivities and a lot of celebrating in Hay River over the weekend. And a lot of people in from out of town" she said.

"Well, I guess somebody was partaking a bit too much and lost these." While no one has come forward yet to get their teeth back, Groenewegen is optimistic. "It's going to become very obvious that someone is missing their dentures,"she said. "We just hope they aren't feeling too embarrassed to come forward. We will hand them over, we won't say a word."

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lukus said...

They should probably dig a little deeper. Find the rest of him.