Friday, April 29, 2016

Cat rescued from tree by crowdfunding

A woman from Melbourne, Australia, has used a crowdfunding campaign to get a cat out of a tree. Susie Butler started a Gofundme page to get her neighbour's cat, Boots, out of a tree he became stuck in on Wednesday.

She was refused help from the RSPCA, the local council and the fire brigade so she turned to the internet to raise cash for a professional rescue. 'We have tried everything to get him down but the tree can't be climbed,' Ms Butler said on the crowdfunding page.

'I would so love to pay to get him down myself but we are a little down on our luck at the moment, as is my neighbour.' As of Thursday morning Boots had been stuck up the Ferntree Gully tree for more than 30 hours.

YouTube link.

The crowdfunding page raised the $205 needed to call in an animal rescue business to get him down. Boots was rescued on Thursday. Boots was rescued from the tree by Nigel Williamson from Nigel's Animal Rescue at around 11am on Thursday.


Ratz said...

How come the cat in the kickstarter images is black and white whilst the one in the tree is ginger?

arbroath said...

She explains in the text that the cat is her daughter's cat and not the cat in the tree.