Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Man who accidentally locked himself in his bathroom was worried he'd run out of oxygen

A man who called the fire brigade after accidentally locking himself in his bathroom says he feared he would be stuck there for days. Kenny Baker, from Park Farm, Ashford, Kent, locked the door when he went for a shower, despite being home alone. But the door handle broke, trapping the 26-year-old inside.

He said: "I have no idea why I locked the door because my housemate was on holiday and no one else has access. It was just habit I think but I'd essentially locked myself in the house, not just the bathroom." Kenny realised he was in trouble when he got out the shower and tried to exit the bathroom. Luckily, as he likes to listen to music while showering, he had his phone on him. Kenny added: "I was trying for a good 15 minutes to open the door.

"There is no window in the room, only a small vent, so I worried I would run out of oxygen. I looked for things that I could use to unscrew the handle. I'm so glad I had my phone, or I could have been trapped for days." Eventually Kenny called his housemate and she advised that he ring the fire service. He said: "I've never called 999 before. I was so embarrassed. I think they could tell and they were really nice.

"They said they wouldn't put the blue lights on for me but said someone was on their way." Crews arrived at Kenny’s house at about 2.45pm last Saturday and used a ladder to gain access to an open window on the first floor. They passed an Allen key under the door to Kenny, who loosened the handle, and he was freed. Kenny, who expressed his gratitude to the firefighters, added: "They said I wasn't the first person to get trapped!" Watch manager Tim Hanley added: "It is a good job he had the phone on him really, or he could still be stuck now! I think he saw the funny side."

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