Sunday, April 17, 2016

Owl ring bearer could probably have done better

Max, a trained owl, was supposed to deliver the rings at a wedding in Canada. He was fine afterwards.

YouTube link.


Anonymous said...

Okay, who thought an owl at a wedding was a good idea?

Definitely not a symbol of wisdom here.

And, in some cultures, the owl is a symbol of death.


Ratz said...

There was also the one a few years back that delayed the wedding when it decided to fly up into the rafter with the rings, then have a snooze.

Elena said...

In order to carry a stun like this, the receiving end should be trained to call the owl to him/her, so that the owl would know where the target destination is. I saw this done with parrots somewhere.

Ratz said...

I suppose it would have at least been polite to the owl to turn off the fans too.