Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Salmon feeding frenzy forced cancellation of stand up paddle board class

A salmon fish feeding frenzy forced the cancellation of a stand up paddle board class at Bicton, south-west Perth, Australia. The beach was forced to close after thousands of salmon swarmed the normally calm waters of the Swan River on Friday afternoon.

The salmon were so ferocious the water turned into a choppy white wash. Seagulls were seen attempting to snag a few of the fish, but the severity of the flapping was too much even for them.

Elemental Stand Up Paddle owner Caroline Bradley filmed the unique sight as the flapping salmon pushed paddle boarders out of the water. Ms Bradly said she had never seen anything like it. “"What a sight," she said.

YouTube link.

"It looked like the water was boiling. It was unreal, I was lucky I had the camera at hand.” Mrs Bradley said the salmon came close to shore to feed on smaller bait fish. Authorities in Western Australia have issued a warning, urging people to keep an eye out for sharks near large schools of fish along the coast.

You can watch Caroline Bradley's original Facebook video here.

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