Friday, April 22, 2016

Suspected steak thief led police on high-speed chase

Police officers in Texas apprehended a suspect, who is accused of stealing steaks from a store, following a high-speed car chase.

The pursuit began after the suspect allegedly stole steaks from Walmart in Longview shortly after 11am on Wednesday. When police attempted a traffic stop, the suspect fled through two East Texas counties, topping 100 mph, and was finally apprehended by Upshur County deputies.

"It appears that there’s steaks and meats of some sort flying out the windows, and one of them bounced off my patrol car. That’s not something you think of people stealing, especially running from the police in the process. Today was a new one," said East Mountain patrol sergeant Marc Nichols.

YouTube link.

Finally stopped, Nichols pulled his gun on the suspect who surrendered without a fight, but Nichols finds nothing funny about the chase, where someone could have been hurt. "There is always the unknown. As he comes up on traffic , we have no idea how they will respond, no way to react until it happens," added Nichols.


Shak said...

Omaha steaks, I can understand, but Texas steaks? Not worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the perp didn't T-bone someone.


(Yeah, someone had to say it.)