Saturday, April 30, 2016

Woman surprised when her dog's face appeared in stain on stable wall

A woman rushed home to check her dog was okay after she saw a likeness of his face in a stain on a stable wall. Lynnie Wason saw the apparition when she was tending her horses near her home in Uplyme, near Lyme Regis on the Devon/Dorset border.

She spotted a new stain on the wall and was shocked to see it looked exactly like her beloved pet dog Dexter. She was so shocked that she rushed home to make sure Dexter the Husky was alright. Lynnie said: "When I saw it, I was stunned. I thought that's really weird.

"It was creepy, but luckily Dexter was fine and still in the back garden when I got home. He's a good dog, a really good boy. People said that is definitely Dexter - and it is such a bizarre thing to happen." Lynnie later showed pictures of the stain to friends and family, most of whom agreed it was exact-ringer for Dexter.

Lynnie's friend Clive Griffin, 68, said: "I got a call from my missus and popped round to have a look. It was really spooky, especially in an unlit stable. It looked so much like Dexter it was unbelievable. It startled her because it resembled Dexter, so much so she had to go home to double check that he was okay."


Ratz said...

The dog's looking at her thinking "you're really weird".

Murica man said...

That's not a dog that's Jesus! He was on my toast this morning so I recognise him.

Fester said...

Miles, do you know that "God" spelled backwards is "dog"?
(Luna Schlosser)

Kind makes you think . . .