Monday, May 09, 2016

Abseiling firefighter rescued dog from pit after 25ft fall

A family pet had a lucky escape when he fell into an old lime kiln. Seven-month-old lurcher Logan fell 25ft (7.6m) into the brick-lined pit when he was out for a walk with his owners at lunchtime on Saturday.

Nearby residents tried to get him out of the pit, in Lime Kiln Woods, Wellington, Shropshire, with a ladder but with no luck. Eventually firefighter Chris Lockett was winched in and rescued the pup, who was fortunately unhurt.

Owner Mike Braddock, 54, said he thought Logan must have been distracted by a squirrel or a bird when he fell into the kiln. "He knows the paths so he must have been distracted. There's a lot of leaves at the bottom and because he is so young he is quite supple, which is why we think he wasn't hurt.

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"But we were worried he would become distressed at not being able to get out." The family have only owned Logan, a rescue dog, for two months. "He's fine now, he's had a big bowl of food and is fast asleep. But, seeing the depth of which he fell, we were quite worried at the time," Mr Braddock said. "The fire service was fantastic and the chap who rescued him was a big dog lover himself."

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Ratz said...

Is this India and its collection of discarded wells? Why do we have a bloody great hole with no way out of it?