Monday, May 30, 2016

Armed police operation followed pizza toppings assault

A man in his 20s was arrested after an armed police incident in Exeter, Devon, which allegedly developed after a Domino's Pizza customer complained about his order. The customer was assaulted by the pizza delivery driver from the city, who then "started shooting" at police officers, according to reports.

The victim of the alleged assault, Paul Williams, received bruising and cuts to his face. Armed officers were sent to the scene and made an arrest. One resident said: "It's horrible, it's not been a nice place to live in recently and this has just made matters worse. Children were playing outside and it was a pleasant evening.

"Several children saw the incident and are now terrified. You don't expect to see firearms in your street." Domino's Pizza says it will "co-operate fully" with the police investigation into the events. "As this is now a current police investigation there is very little we can say on the matter," a spokesman said.

"However, please be rest assured we are taking this incident extremely seriously and will be providing the police with our full co-operation. Please rest assured, we will do everything possible to ensure this situation is properly resolved." The arrested man was later released on police bail .

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