Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Naked woman casually strolled through town centre after leaving tanning salon

A woman emerged naked from a tanning salon in Newquay, Cornwall, and strolled through the town centre. The mystery woman was completely starkers as she waked along the street before getting into a car and driving off. Witnesses said the middle-aged blonde woman appeared completely calm as she walked through town just before midday on Sunday.

It is unclear why she decided to embark on her two minute nude walk after emerging from a tanning salon with just a towel under her arm. But Amy Martin, 36, of Newquay, who spotted her outside Burger King and took pictures, said she seemed oblivious to all the fuss she was creating. She said: "It was about 12 noon on Sunday and I was outside work when I saw this woman walk down the street.

"At first I thought she was wearing a flesh coloured wet suit but then I saw her bum. I could not believe it. She was just casually walking down the street with a towel under her arm, crossed the road, got into a yellow car and then drove off." Amy says she later spoke to the owner of a nearby tanning salon who revealed the woman had just been in there.

She added: "She was in her mid 40s I reckon and was walking down the road, like she had just done her shopping in Aldi. I could understand if it was a stag do or a man as you see that all the time in Newquay. But you don't usually see a middle-aged woman naked as a jaybird. I just could not believe it. The whole street stopped in shock. Everyone stopped still and were all looking. She just carried on and it was like she was oblivious to it all."

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Anonymous said...

If she fell asleep in the tanning booth, it could be an incident of sleepwalking. No joking. Wonder if she left clothes, purse, etc., in the tanning establishment. A medical work-up might be in order here.