Friday, May 06, 2016

Pensioners used their zimmer frames to reclaim stolen ten metre maypole

A group of Austrian pensioners reclaimed their stolen ten metre maypole using only their zimmer frames.

The group of retirement home residents definitely take home the prize for most inventive way to steal a maypole, which is a tradition that takes places around May 1st in Austria and Germany where the decorated trees are erected in celebration of the arrival of Spring.

As tradition goes in the small community of Mehrnbach in Upper Austria, the OAPs’ decorated maypole had been stolen from the retirement home by a group of regulars at a nearby pub. “This year, however, the seniors decided: that’s enough, we will not accept it,” said the head of the home Christoph Koller. The 78 residents then concocted a plan on Sunday to take back the decorated tree.

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Using their zimmer frames and few helping hands they loaded up the ten metre tree and rolled it back the 300 metres to their home. Tradition states successful thieves must be treated with a hearty snack in reward for their theft - in this case, the pensioners invited the pub thieves to the home to celebrate. “Of course we will again put up a tree next year,” said Koller. “In future we will guard it better, however.”

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