Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stripper arrested on suspicion of drunk driving tried to eat her shirt

A stripper from Florida was arrested early on Sunday after police said she was pulled over for driving erratically and later attempted to eat her shirt. ZyZe McCausland, from Key West, was pulled over at around 2am after police said her car was seen almost hitting another while driving off from a restaurant.

"You'll be sorry," McCausland told police several times, according to the arrest report accusing her of drunk driving, a misdemeanor, and a felony count of trying to flee police at high speed. Once detained, McCausland, who police say is 32 while jail records put her at 26, told police to call security at Rick's bar "because they would tell me not to arrest her," Officer Jesse Young wrote in his report after the stop. "Call my lawyer. I don't understand," McCausland allegedly said later.

McCausland, who said she works at an adult entertainment club, had to be handcuffed and put into a police cruiser against her will, Young said. The action began when Sgt. Pablo Rodriguez said he was outside Sandy's Cafe when he spotted a Mazda SUV headed south almost strike another car on the road. Rodriguez yelled at the Mazda's driver to pull over but heard her say, "Oh, f*ck" as she drove towards Horace O'Bryant School's parking lot. HOB's parking lot has only one way in and out and is next door to the Key West Police Department.

Trapped, McCausland first tried to wake her passenger in the front seat, but the person was passed out drunk and couldn't be roused, police said. She then tried to flee on foot but Rodriguez caught her. McCausland was taken to jail, where after police told her not to put anything into her mouth, after she said she would take a breath alcohol test, she stuffed "a large portion of her shirt into her mouth and began chewing." Police cancelled the test. McCausland remains locked up at the county jail on Stock Island on $10,500 bond.

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