Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Two-legged goat runs around just like its siblings

A handicapped goat in southwest China's Yunnan Province has learned to walk on its two forelegs.

Born in a local forest farm in Yunnan's Xinping Yi-Dai Autonomous County on Dec 20, 2015, it has no hind legs. The day after she was born, the tenacious goat was able to stand on its two legs.

And it acquired the ability to walk in about a week, said a farmhand who had witnessed its birth and growth. Its mother had given birth to two normal kids before her, according to farm staff.

YouTube link.

Local veterinarians speculated that the mother goat may have been injured in the abdomen, possibly during a fight with other goats before the baby was born.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I've become jaded, but there are aspects to all of the pics that have me screaming, "Photoshopped!"


arbroath said...

But they're all screenshots from the video.

Anonymous said...

Bizarre, then.