Friday, May 06, 2016

Woman devasted after her Chihuahua puppy was snatched from garden by swooping crow

A cancer patient has been left devastated after her tiny chihuahua puppy was taken by a swooping crow from her backyard in east Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday. Heather Sinden had put her four-month-old pup Fudge in the garden of her Kilsyth home and heard the little dog scream as it was being carried away by the crow.

The inconsolable owner was too distraught to speak, but her daughter Melinda Pride spoke of the traumatising moment. “She’s not coping at all, to be honest,” she said. “She can’t get the sound of Fudge’s screams out of her mind. “She’s still crying now, I mean it happened at 11 o’clock this morning and she’s still going crazy about it,” she said.

Mrs Sinden received Fudge as a gift two months ago to be a companion for her as she battled lung cancer. Crows had been flocking around the yard before one bird grabbed the puppy by the neck. Fudge was small enough to sit in the palm of someone's hand. “She heard Fudge screaming about three times and she just panicked.”

Melinda said she wasn’t sure how her mother would cope without her little companion. “She even said last week ‘geez I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost this little puppy’, because it was her world, you know, it kept her going. “My mum is hoping for a miracle that she’s still alive.”

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