Monday, May 02, 2016

Young man saved up pocket money in bid to solve his dad's parking problem

Fed up at seeing people persistently parking outside his home, 11-year-old Kyle Bartlett decided to take drastic action – by spray painting "No Parking" on the front of the property. After saving up his pocket money for a month, he was able to buy a can of spray paint. "I was sick of everyone parking in my dad's space, so I did it to help him so he didn't have to walk far to come and see me," said Kyle.

He originally started spray painting his mother's new fence but then thought better of it, so decided to decorate the house instead. His mother Sarah Bartlett, 28, who rents the property in west Hull, in the East Riding Of Yorkshire, had no idea about her son's plans to add some creative handiwork to their home. "He didn't tell me what he was planning on doing," she said.

"I had taken my two little ones to the park and I came back and there it was. At first I didn't know it was him and then he said to me, 'Do you like it mam? Now my dad can park!' I couldn't really be mad at him because he did it for a good reason." Miss Bartlett says that the pavement outside the property is always overcrowded with parked cars. She said it has affected her son's ability to see his dad and, so far, the sign is not making much difference.

She said: "He was sick of not being able to see his dad because he wasn't able to park anywhere near the house. His dad tries to come and see them every night but when he comes he has to park on the path or a mile away which means he can't stay for long because he isn't much of a walker. It means I always end up taking them to their dad's house." Miss Bartlett said she has yet to receive any complaints from her landlord regarding her son's creation.

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