Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Alligator got behind the wheel of rescuers' vehicle

A seven-foot male alligator, nicknamed Buster, was found in the middle of a road in Rosenberg near Houston, Texas.

Trappers with the Gator Squad removed him and were transporting him in their vehicle.

But the rescuers stepped away and moments later, Buster jammed himself between the steering wheel and windscreen. With his mouth taped shut, Buster hissed as a member of the Gator Squad guided him out of the vehicle with her hands, saying, "Good gator!"

Buster is blind in his right eye and was rescued with bullet holes in his back. One of the Gator Squad members said he was likely shot in the eye with a BB gun. Buster eventually made it to his "forever home."

You can watch video of Buster being removed from the vehicle here and his release back into the wild here

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