Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Firefighters called out to rescue eight-foot long boa constrictor that got stuck in gas fire

Firefighters in Lincolnshire found themselves grappling with a potentially deadly, 8-foot long reptile in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The crew were called out to an address in Gainsborough, where a boa constrictor had managed to get itself stuck inside a gas fire. Initially the crew were told the snake, called Billy, was under the fire

But when they arrived they found it had somehow managed to slither into a tight spot. The crew then set about carefully yanking Billy free. A spokesperson from the Gainsborough crew said: "Just before 3am this morning we were called to rescue Billy, an 8ft Boa Constrictor that had got trapped under the owner's gas fire in the living room.

"Upon arrival it turned out Billy was actually in the gas fire. We had to isolate the gas and remove the fire before carefully dismantling it to free Billy. The lady owner was extremely pleased to have him rescued!" The spokesperson added: "Nobody on the crew would admit they were scared but there weren't many volunteers to free his head or hold him!"

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