Sunday, June 05, 2016

Man faces child abuse charge after allegedly challenging his daughter to a duel

A father was arrested after allegedly pointing a gun at his wife and daughter and demanding a “duel” on Wednesday night. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says a fight between the man and his daughter got out of hand and now dad is facing serious charges.

Deputies responded to a report of a shooting a home about eight miles south of Calhan, Colorado, at around 7:30pm. Investigators say Robert Williams, 38, was fighting with his daughter when he pulled out a gun and pointed it at both his daughter and his wife.

Deputies say Williams told his daughter to go and get a gun from another room in the house so they could "duel." They say there was a struggle, during which Williams fired a shot. They say the daughter, whose age has not been revealed, then fired a shot. No one was hit.

The sheriff's office says Williams then went to the shed and got another gun, which he pointed at his wife. At this time, the wife grabbed the rifle, her children and went to a neighbour's house where she called 911. Williams faces charges of menacing, prohibited use of a weapon and child abuse.


shak said...

JMJ! Don't these people know that they're not in FL or TX?

Anonymous said...

"Don't these people know that they're not in FL or TX?"

They were confused; they're in "El Paso County," Colorado,
not El Paso, Texas. Just a matter of confusion, you see.