Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Man sneaked into closed restaurant before sprinkling himself with sugar

Surveillance video caught a man sneaking into the Mother restaurant in midtown Sacramento, California, when it was closed over the weekend and pouring sugar over himself for several seconds in the eatery’s empty kitchen.

Ryan Donahue, a partner in the Mother and Empress restaurants in Sacramento, said he was walking by Mother at about 1pm on Saturday when he saw the man and followed him out. Donahue said he then called the Downtown Partnership, a property improvement organisation, which he presumes called police.

On Monday, Sacramento police said officers detained 38-year-old Sacramento resident Shannon Berry near the location shortly after the incident. Berry was arrested on suspicion of burglary and was served with a notice of trespass, police said. Donahue said the man went into six or seven businesses in a span of 10 minutes. He appeared to have got into Mother when an employee left the door partially open, Donahue said.

The surveillance video shows Mr Berry hiding behind a counter, then grabbing a beer and some other items, and sprinkling himself with sugar. “He was on another plane,” Donahue said. “He didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. It was the closest thing I’ve seen to Daffy Duck and the Tasmanian Devil ... It was unique even for K Street ... It wasn’t malicious. It was just weird.”

You can watch the surveillance video here.

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