Saturday, June 04, 2016

Museum visitor ignored no-touching rule with unfortunate results

A handmade clock was left in pieces after a man touched the artwork while visiting the National Watch and Clock Museum in Pennsylvania last weekend.

The museum is now reminding visitors that there's a no-touching rule for a reason. Security cameras captured the footage of the man putting his hands on the clock in an attempt to see how it worked. After some prodding and pulling, the large sculptural clock fell to the ground.

YouTube link.

The man who had touched the clock immediately confessed and got a museum employee. "The visitor wanted to see it run and decided to take it on himself to do that and the results speak for themselves," said museum director Noel Poirier. "It's in pieces."

The sculptural clock was made by Minnesota-based artist James Borden. Poirier said the museum is working with the artist to get the clock repaired. Hopefully, if the damage is not too bad, the clock will be back at the museum in the next couple weeks. He said the museum will not be pressing charges or asking the man to pay for repairs.

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Anonymous said...

Crap's sake. That's not touching. That's manhandling.

At least the guy had the moxie to 'fess up. :/