Monday, July 04, 2016

12-year-old girl allegedly stole grandmother's car and led police on 40-mile high-speed chase

A dramatic car chase through a Texas town has been captured on dashcam after a 12-year-old girl allegedly took her grandmother's car for a spin. The young girl reportedly went on the high-speed drive in Montgomery County during an attempt to see her boyfriend on Thursday at about 5.30pm, all while her five-year-old sister was in the car.

In the hair-raising footage police follow the car driving on the wrong side of the road and travelling on the shoulder of the motorway. The pre-teen narrowly squeezed between two vehicles and weaves around the traffic and raced through red lights. Speeds reached up to 118 miles per hour. Authorities also claimed that during the chase the car hit two or three other vehicles.

"The vehicle being pursued hit multiple vehicles resulting in minor damage and no injuries, thank goodness," said Jim Napolitano from the Montgomery Police Department. "I am amazed no one was killed or seriously injured," Montgomery County attorney, J D Labright said. The grandmother had alerted authorities thinking the girls had been kidnapped and the car stolen. "We didn't know what it was," Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Captain R D Silvio said.

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"It was later determined that the kids were the ones who had taken the car." When an officer tried to stop the vehicle the car allegedly sped away. Police pursued the girl for about 40 miles before the car was disabled through its onboard security system. The younger girl in the car was scared following the incident. "Went right into the arms of our officer when it was over," Chief Jim Napolitano said. The 12-year-old is due to appear in court on Tuesday and will remain in custody until then. She has been charged with theft of property over $30,000 and other charges are pending.


Anonymous said...

At the end of the segment the reporter says there are still "multiple unanswered questions." But leaves off the biggest one. Why the hell did the cops engage in such a dangerous pursuit in the first place? They saw the girl in the drivers seat, they knew she wasn't kidnapped. And because they found the car with OnStar they also knew OnStar could turn it off. All they had to do was sit tight. Instead they provoked her into doing something that could have killed both children and who knows how many other people. God damn cowboys. Somebody needs to be fired for putting all those people at risk for no good reason.

Barbwire said...

It was Texas.