Monday, July 04, 2016

Chaotic scenes as elderly man on his mobility scooter went on wrecking spree through bar

A pensioner was able to cause considerable disruption at a bar in Glasgow, Scotland, after losing control of his mobility scooter. The elderly man had driven into the bar 30 minutes ­earlier and bought himself a half pint.

CCTV cameras at Quo Vadis in Cardonald filmed the OAP crashing into a table, sending one fellow drinker crashing to the ground. The man was left bleeding from his head and staff rushed to assist.

However, the man on the mobility scooter left the scene without checking if the man he knocked over was all right. A spokesman for Quo Vadis owners Green King, said: "We're aware of the incident.

YouTube link.

"The team were quick to respond and support the guest who suffered a minor head injury. Thankfully, the injured guest is well and has joined us at the Quo Vadis since the incident." Police Scotland said they had received no complaint about the incident.

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