Thursday, July 07, 2016

Emergency services called out to assist Homeless Jesus statue

Emergency crews have responded at least twice since a “Homeless Jesus” statue was set up about a month ago in front of First Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota.

The bronze depiction of Jesus huddled on a bench looks so much like a sleeping homeless man that passers-by have notified church staff and emergency crews, reporting that the “person” needed medical help. Fargo Fire Department crews have responded at least once to the statue since it was installed on June 4.

Battalion Chief Dane Carley said emergency crews treat every call as an emergency, even if they think they’re being sent to a statue. “There’s a fairly high percentage of calls that turn out to be someone taking a nap,” Carley said. Fargo police Sgt. Kevin Pallas said the Police department has responded to at least two calls, one on Sunday, July 3, and another the week before. “It’s not a common call.

“It just shows we have concerned citizens who are willing to make the call,” he said. “That’s encouraging.” The Rev. Laurie Neill said the day after First Lutheran unveiled “Homeless Jesus,” a Sanford Medical Center employee walked by and asked a church employee if they were aware there was “a homeless man sleeping on your bench.” She said the church’s staff was told another time that there had been a dead man on the bench on its front lawn for a few days

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lyou said...

I like their philosophy of care...heartwarming!