Monday, July 11, 2016

Grey haired woman riding a mobilty scooter suspected of squirting cars with tomato ketchup

Motorists were left seeing red when a woman on a mobility scooter reportedly squirted their cars with tomato ketchup in the centre of Newquay, Cornwall.

A member of the public said they had parked outside a barbers shop and returned to find their hatchback had been covered with the condiment.

A grey haired woman with glasses who was riding a mobility scooter was spotted trundling away from the scene, though nobody can say for sure if she was the culprit. Victim Ryan Dyson wrote on Facebook: "Has anyone ever come across a disabled lady driving around on a mobility scooter squirting tomato sauce on people's cars????

"She has just done mine and the barber Tom's car outside Old Faithful Barber shop." He added: "She had grey hair and glasses and I might report it [to the police]." A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said they had "no knowledge" of the incident, but warned it could be a criminal offence if damage was caused to any vehicles.

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