Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Grumpy office worker put up sign telling cheerful Big Issue seller to stop whistling the same tune

A member of staff at a tech hub in Bath, Somerset, got so annoyed at a Big Issue seller whistling the same tune he put a sign in the window telling him to stop or change his tune.

The piece of A4 paper in one of the windows at The Guild coworking hub in the Guildhall read in thick black letters, "NO WHISTLING (at least not the same tune all day, every day, please!)." Communications manager James Shaw says a colleague, also called James, was targeting a Big Issue seller whose pitch was right outside the hub in High Street.

He said: "The Big Issue seller was whistling the same tune. James was annoyed about it and put the sign up." Big Issue seller James Heaton, who is not the whistling man, has his normal pitch across the road and thinks the sign was unfair. He said: "Unless it's really loud whistling is a sort of happy and cheerful thing anyway. It might well have been deemed rude and that a lady shouldn't whistle in Victorian times but it's not somebody drunkenly singing and shouting.

"I'd imagine it could be seen as annoying if it's just three bars over and over. It can't be any worse than a car alarm." It is not clear what song the seller was whistling. As of Friday the sign was still in the window, but has since been taken down. Opened in July 2013, The Guild offers members a mixture of creative work space and meeting rooms designed for the those working in either the tech or creative industries.


Ratz said...

There was a bagpiper finally banned from busking in Oxford, I think he only knew about three tunes and would set up for hours in front of shops.

Anonymous said...

MANY years ago, when the comic strip _Shoe_ was still penned by its creator, there was a strip where P. Martin Shoemaker ("purple martin") is in the foreground, and way in the background you can see Cosmo Fishhawk playing the bagpipes. P.M. says into a phone, "Police? I'd like to report a chicken strangling. In progress!"

Note: Can't seem to find this on-line.