Saturday, July 16, 2016

Man and woman arrested after riding home on stolen lawnmower while naked

Jasper County sheriff's deputies arrested a couple reported to be riding naked on Tuesday morning near Joplin, Missouri, on what proved to be a stolen lawn mower.

“We received a call that there were two individuals driving down the road on a lawnmower naked,” said Jasper County Detective Tim Williams. Deputies responded at 8:42am to a home with a riding mower parked in the front yard.

Detective Williams said 55-year-old Larry Webster and 40-year-old Tanya Hopper, admitted that they rode the lawn mower home naked after their clothes were stolen while they were skinny dipping in a creek.

Williams said further investigation determined that the lawn mower did not belong to either of them, and they were arrested on suspicion of felony stealing and indecent exposure.

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